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Louise Carniglia

Hello! I am Louise Carniglia, Hair Stylist, Color Specialist and Makeup Artist at Blue Sky On-Location Hair and Makeup in Murphys. My salon career in the Bay Area was wonderful, and now I’m passionate about weddings among the pines and vines!

“Really loved what Louise did for my wedding hair and makeup! She was very professional (despite my pre-wedding jitters!) and did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend her.”

Mary H., Angels Camp

I am known for flawless faces and hairstyles that last all day, using professional-grade makeup, mainly MAC, which is designed for photographic use. Brides and models love it. Of course, it is Dermatologist and Allergy tested, never tested on animals.

“Louise is one of the best hair colorists in the Bay Area. I discovered her when I moved to California and used her consistently for 15 years.”

Marie S., OR

My philosophy for enhancing a woman’s beauty was influenced by my favorite mentor, Yosh. He said, “Suitability is more important than any trend.” The truth is, what suits you always looks elegant and feels comfortable because it fearlessly expresses your unique personality.  I would love to hear what inspires you, dear bride. Let your wedding day inspiration become our inspiration.

“Louise owned her business in Alameda and styled my hair and cut my husband’s hair for our wedding day. My standards are high. I work in the aesthetic/cosmetic industry and create beauty every day at my office. Excellence is my standard and I can tell you Louise exceeded my expectations. She was able to make my thinning hair appear thicker. Murphys, CA is lucky to have Louise in their neck of the woods. She is the hair stylist you never leave!”
Jolyn, L.A.

“I just couldn’t let another day go by without telling you how utterly gorgeous the hair color you did for me came out. I knew it looked great in the salon and when I got home. But yesterday when I did my hair before work, I could really see all the rich colors and delightfully subtle highlights and wow! It is simply the best. Thank you Louise!”

Jeannette C., Richmond

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